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July 17, 2009

Local Flavor Special Edition: Love 2 Be Fit, Ltd.

I've been sooooo excited to post about this NEW Local hotspot! I just got all info, and couldn't bear to wait until next week to post it (as I usually post Local type things on Tuesdays).

I first heard of Zumba about 6 months ago from my sister-in-law, Kris. I checked her Facebook status, and she said she was going to "Zumba." I figured she was taking a vacation someplace tropical, and wrote it off (and was only slightly bitter that I had not been invited). After a similar post the following week, I started to have my doubts if "Zumba" was really a paradise resort off the coast of Madagascar.

My suspicions were correct.

Kris explained that Zumba was a fitness class at her local gym. Zumba incoporates Latin dancing and music into an exercise routine. Me = not a dancer, so I was initially uninterested. Not long after, one of my sisters went to a class in Washington, DC and LOVED it. Hmmm. Soon, I found out that Kris was no longer ATTENDING Zumba classes, but TEACHING them. My other sister took one of Kris's classes, and said it was AWESOME (and that she was sore for the next 2 days). My interested was piqued.

I did some research and learned that my local gym had a Zumba class as well, so a few of my friends went with me to check it out.

Zumba is NOT an exercise routine. It's a fitness EXPERIENCE!

Not only did I have FUN, but I worked up a MAJOR sweat. I'm serious: I could barely hold a conversation with my friends who were next to me. I had NO idea how the instructor JUST. KEPT. GOING. The spicy Latin rhythms were motivating and easy to get lost in. After 60 minutes of dancing, jumping, turning, thrusting and gyrating, I. WAS. SPENT.

And loved every minute of it.

[Even the minutes the next morning where I had to roll quite ungracefully (and super embarrassingly) out of bed. Had there not been a baby who needed me to care for her, I might have not left my bedroom. Even to pee.]

So, when I found that a few weeks ago that Kris and her friend, Terri, had opened THEIR OWN FITNESS STUDIO, with Zumba being one of the main attractions, I WAS THRILLED...

Local Flavor Special Edition

LOVE 2 BE FIT - Fitness Studio
1600 Yellow Springs Road
Chester Springs, PA 19425

I could not be more impressed that Kris and Terri have taken their passion to the next level by opening Love 2 Be Fit. Located in The Shoppes at Pickering Mill in Chester Springs, PA, this hip new fitness studio is a "one stop fitness studio which offers Zumba®, Yoga, Pilate's, and Ballet Burn." One of my favorite things is that the aim of this fitness studio is to have "a variety of classes at an affordable rate."

I had a baby almost a year ago, and I love every opportunity I can get to work on my body (read: you won't catch me in a bathing suit this summer). I can get intimidated at the local gym because it is big and I feel like everyone is watching me (although there really isn't much to watch, let me tell you). I am super attracted to the idea of working out in a personal, intimate setting with people I can get to know as we take classes together week after week. At Love 2 Be Fit, the instructors really care about their students. Not only are the instructors caring, but they have been well trained. Check out their credentials and experience on the Bio Page of their website!

Now here is where this post goes from good to GREAT...

Love 2 Be Fit is opening their doors on Monday July 27, 2009. During this "Pre-Opening" season (from now until September 8, which will be the Grand Opening), all classes will be ONLY $10 PER CLASS!


What a great INEXPENSIVE way to drop in and check out a class. Need a Girls Night Out? Why not try a Zumba class! It's good for your body AND your wallet (and probably half the price of dinner and drinks, am I right?). Are you still searching for a place to call "your gym?" Check out Love 2 Be Fit this summer at this awesome discounted rate - perhaps you will find your "home!"

I HIGHLY recommend dropping in for a $10 class during these discounted Pre-Opening days. Bring some friends. Who knows, you might really be taken by the small and personal classes, the fun groups of people, and the awesome instructors. This might be a great alternative to other intimidating work out environment, like the gym.

But in the end, you can be guaranteed one thing: you WILL be worked out.

And your body will thank you for it. :)

I will be trying out a class (or 2...or 3) during this Pre-Opening season, so check back for the write up of my experience! And if you take a class, email me or leave a comment so I can share YOUR experience with the rest of the community!

For more info, check out Love 2 Be Fit's website


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