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May 17, 2009

Health Benefits

Hi Friends!

I have some posting to do this week :) This past Thursday, I shared with you the recipe for my High Energy Homemade Granola Bars, which I've been really excited about. My husband has been downing them, and I can't buy the ingredients fast enough to make more!

Apart from being incredibly delectable, I've been affirmed, encouraged and motivated by the information I've found on the HEALTH BENEFITS of the ingredients in these Granola Bars. I thought I'd share with you my research, in the hopes you might try whipping up a batch of these (or use the ingredients and form your own tasty concoction!). When I read up in detail on the health benefits of the ingredients, it affirmed the choice of ingredients: I'm doing something GOOD for ME and for my FAMILY.

So here is a run down of each important ingredient (click on the word for the link):

3. Oats

I'm sure there are more ways to pack some nutritional power into these Granola Bars. Any ideas? Do you have some tips, advice or variations? Email me and share with the rest of the community!


  1. looking forward to trying these out with the kids! i don't have a link, but i recently read that ground flaxseed is better digested than non-ground. I keep a bag in the fridge and add it to yogurt, pancake and muffin mixes, etc. I think you can also use it to substitute for some of the oil in a recipe. Lots of good stuff in these little seeds! :-) L

  2. Steph, all those things are ideal for health benefits. Some of those are good to add to baby food too. Since Lucy loves to eat, (like Austin did) just pump the cereal you give her up with ground wheat germ and flax. I also mixed yogurt in the baby food.

    One thing you could try in your granola bars is the granola type Kashi. I don't know what it's called but you'd know if you saw it. The front of the box looks a little like granola. It has less fat.

    Your granola bars should wonderful. Can't wait to try them.


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