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April 21, 2009

Local Flavor Tuesday

Around these parts, we have good eats. And I love good eats. I love everything from a gourmet chicken dish at a posh restaurant to a grisly cheesesteak from a delightfully shady dive. I love Rita's Water Ice and any other kind of sweet dessert under the sun.

I also love me some hoagies.

Yes, around these parts, we don't have "subs." We don't have "zeps" or "heros." And I am offended to hear the term "sandwich" applied to such a beautiful creation.

Around these parts, we have HOAGIES.

And they are GOOD.

Now, around these parts, there are plenty of wonderful places to find a Good Hoagie: deli meats tenderly sliced and perfectly paired with a complimentary cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato and onion, sprinkled with basil and oregano, and laid to rest in the crevass of an Amoroso roll (either lightly oiled or slathered with mayo, depending on your preference).

I have found one place that, in my opinion, makes a superior hoagie: (And while people my disagree, I am entitled to my opinion. And this is my blog, so my opinion goes a long way here.)

As I said, there are lots of great places to get a Good Hoagie. But I'd venture to say that at Capriotti's, one can get a GREAT Hoagie. Capriotti's, which has expanded to several states around the country, has a variety of hoagies which gives every patron a difficult choice to make once they reach the deli counter.

My favorite kind of hoagie from Capriotti's (and I can say this with authority, because I've had just about every kind) is a plain old Turkey Hoagie. Now, you can really be stuck with a bad turkey hoagie. Sometimes the deli you choose to buy from that day might use a crappy brand of turkey. You know the kind of turkey I am talking about: thin, pale and slimy.

I hate that kind of Turkey.

The most amazing thing about Capriotti's Turkey Hoagies: They use REAL ROAST TURKEY. The kind you would find on your table at Thanksgiving. It has not been grossly processed. Rather, it has been delicately pulled from a freshly roasted turkey. You can see the white and dark meat, and there is NO slime inv0lved.

And it tastes amazing.

I get the same thing everytime: Roast Turkey with American Cheese, Mayo and Sweet Peppers. And, of course, it is laid to rest in the most delectable of Amoroso rolls.

The Turkey goodness doesn't stop there. They have a unique sandwich called "The Bobbie," which is essentially Thanksgiving Dinner on a sandwich: Turkey, Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce on a roll. I am not big on Cranberry Sauce, but I LOVE this sandwich.

If Turkey isn't your thing, I can share from experience that their Italian Hoagies and American Hoagies are just as tasty. I could go on and on, but you really need to check it out for yourselves.

Luckily, we have a Capriotti's here in West Chester, tucked into a small strip of stores along Market Street as you head out of town. There are several locations in PA and Delaware (the store started in Wilmington). Check out the Capriotti's WEBSITE for more locations AND awesome menu items.

I guarentee you won't be able to wait long for your own hoagie.

Do you challenge my choice of Deli Shop? Is there a rival to my favorite Turkey Hoagie? Do you have other favorite local places to eat, visit, patron or experience? Email me at moderndaydonnareed@gmail.com

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  1. One of my husband's favorite things to eat in the whole entire world is a "Bobbie" from Capriotti's. Hoagies aren't my favorite, but those Bobbies are delicious!


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