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March 1, 2009

My Review of Jardine Olympia Single Crib (aka DO NOT BUY ANYTHING MADE BY JARDINE ENTERPRISES)

** I wrote this review on the Babies R Us website due to our horrible experience with our Jardine crib. I am sick that, after all the recalls by Jardine, that ANY retailer continues to sell their products. How many kids need to be hurt (or worse) before true action is taken? I hope that by posting this on both of my blogs, anyone who might do an internet search on these cribs will find this review and be saved from spending money on completely unacceptable"craftsmanship"  AND keep their child out of harms way.  ~ Steph **

Toys R Us

The Natural/Dark Pine Olympia Crib features a clean-cut contemporary style. This crib is known for its strong, high quality construction. The mattress support is adjustable to four positions to keep baby safely inside the crib.  This piece coordinates with the Natural/Dark Pine Olympia Single ...


Steph                West Chester, PA 3/1/2009


1 5

Pros: Comfortable

Cons: Poor Construction, DANGEROUS TO CHILD, Difficult To Assemble

Best Uses: None

Describe Yourself: First Time Parent

PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS CRIB OR ANYTHING BY JARDINE. I bought this crib after pouring through tons of online reviews for cribs before my baby was born. After deciding this one had good reviews, we checked it out at a BRU store. We told our parents we were looking into getting this crib, and they surprised us by purchasing it for us as a gift. It was put together and looked pretty in the room. Our baby came, and started using the crib 2 weeks after birth. It worked fine, as the baby did not move and we did not utilize the drop sides. We became concerned after seeing JARDINE had recalled numerous cribs. The style (OLYMPIA) was recalled, but not our specific model number, so we thought we were safe. As our baby grew, we decided to start utilizing the drop side. First time after using the drop side, the plastic hardware snapped on both sides, which leaves a gap the baby could fall through. Since it has been more than 90 days, BRU cannot help us. Jardine Enterprises, thus far, cannot be reached. So we are left with a baby sleeping in her pack-n-play, a broken crib, and nothing to do but shell out money to buy another crib.

DO NOT BUY JARDINE. Although some of their other crib models are deemed "safe," I am slightly upset that ANY retailer is still selling Jardine products.

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  1. yikes... i never could figure out how to raise/lower the sides of our cribs. I've been (carefully) heaving the kiddos over the sides for 7 years! Fortunately I'm tall enough - but it has been a challenge to my 5 foot tall mom!



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