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February 24, 2009

Local Flavor Tuesday

I can't seem decide how to blog my Tuesdays.  It is quite the conflict.

Something has occurred to me recently, though, that I feel might be blogworthy.  


Love it.

Some people can't wait to kick the dust off their shoes and leave home.  There is a whole world out there to explore, why put down roots in one place?

While I love seeing what amazing places the world has to offer, I am passionate about my hometown, which is why I still live here.  After being here so long, I have come to fall in love with the surrounding tri-state area as well.  

So, I'd like to share some of the things I love - from restaurants, events, and festivals to parks, recreation, stores...and...did I mention restaurants? I LOVE EATING OUT! :)

I hope it inspires someone out in blogosphere who might live far away, but needs a vacation, to head this way.  And perhaps those of us who live and love locally can find camaraderie in our love for this tri-state area!

Today's Local Flavor:

This beloved establishment has been around since I was a child.  Once just a small bookstore in West Chester, PA, the CCBMC has expanded to a multi-storefront book and music company - complete with a cafe named The Magnolia Grill. Nestled in an unsuspecting strip mall, this business is one of the largest independant bookstore's in the nation!  Who knew what kind of hidden treasures West Chester, Pennsylcvania housed!

As a child, I loved when my family would come to the CCBMC for the evening. I would spend what seemed like hours browsing the children's books until I picked just the right one.  As I approached the checkout counter with my purchase,  2 cockatoos in a birdcage greeted me.  It was so quaint to have these birds in the store, but their presence made the bookstore one of a kind.

I have continued to patron the store (despite the fact that the birds are no longer with us.)  My husband worked at CCBMC for 3 years, so we enjoyed many evenings eating at the Magnolia Grill or perusing their selection of literature.  Some of the faces that greeted me as a child still greet me today.  Many customers are regulars, and are known by name.  Local authors have an arena to shine their works, and many well-known writers come for public signings.  I would dare anyone to find a better Children's Section, complete with books, toys and story-time!

My favorite highlight:  The Pecan Chicken Salad.  (I know, it always comes back to FOOD for me.)  I crave this menu item from the Magnolia Grill atleast once a week.  They have recently created a sister menu item - the Pecan Chicken Salad Po'Boy sandwich platter.  This delicacy is reason alone to spend an evening here!

If you are from the area, even a slight drive away, I encourage you to come check it out.  Have you been there before? I'd love to hear your feedback!  

For any of you out of the area:  Should you find yourself in Philadelphia, maybe you could find it in your schedule to make the short trip out to this lovely suburb. 

What are some of your Local Flavor favorites, hot spots, happenings and hang outs in the Philadelphia (and surrounding) area?

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